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I have seen in my own life and in the lives of too many people around me, that we often sail as passenger in other people’s ship. What I mean is that we end up living other people’s live, because we let our fears, our limiting beliefs, our circumstances, the expectations of our communities, and other similar influences, dictate our daily decisions and choices. The truth is that, for most people, it feels more comfortable to be a passenger rather than the captain. Because the captain has to make decisions, and the decision making process is often painful. Also, most people are not really trained to make decisions so they would rather leave that task to somebody else. They would rather have somebody else captain their ship. The problem is that at that point it is no longer their ship.

In this training I will share with you the big concepts that you need to know to really understand what are the influences and enablers on your journey to Self-Empowerment. It is from that knowledge that I developed the six step strategy that is at the heart of the Self-Empowerment Framework.

Every day for the next seven days I will send you a training video about how to empower yourself and become who you are, the free captain of your life.

On day one, we will cover the influences and the enablers on your journey to Self-Empowerment.

Then over the following 6 days, I will take you through the detail of the Self-Empowerment strategy. The strategy has got three parts:

Part one of the Self-Empowerment strategy is about CLARITY and has got one step that I call the Absolute: “Meet with Yourself”.

Part two of the Self-Empowerment strategy is about ACTION and it has got two steps that I call the Essentials. They are:

  • Number 1: “Master the Decision making Process”
  • And Number 2: “Act with a Sense of Urgency”

Finally Part three of the Self-Empowerment strategy is about how to SUSTAIN your Self-Empowerment efforts and includes three steps that I call the Accelerators:

  • Number 1: “Control Your Personality and Habits”
  • Number 2: “Master Your Finances”
  • And Number 3: “Empower Others”

The normal charge for this training is $297 and today I offer it to you for free.

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Thank you Max for the advises. I already see great results with the morning routine you mentioned. I feel more energized, goal driven. I am pleasantly surprised. Thank you Max!


Understanding my enablers will truly be the game-changer in me gaining clarity! I love how you broke it all down. Thank you so much for this gift.

Dr Laila Hishaw


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